Fascia Guns

How Does Fascia Gun Come into Our Life?
What is the most popular muscle relaxation device in the fitness world today? Of course it's a fascia gun. Our muscles will produce small traumas during intense exercise, there will be small nodules caused during muscle repair, also known as "painful points."These small nodules will make the fascia muscous increase, become tight, affect movement and hinder nerve conduction and blood flow, so we must relax the muscle fascia after exercise and fitness, and fascia gun was bred in this environment.

Unlike the common massage type in the home, massage fascia gun is a powerful high-frequency vibration (minimum 1800d/min, maximum 3200d/min) relaxes the body muscle group, can make tight and rigid muscle tissue relax, greatly reducing the pain discomfort after exercise. These are due to the use of the fascia gun 24V high-power brushless motor with dual bearing rotation structure. This can penetrate the 10mm deep muscle group while people enjoy the massage, follow-up defeat of the movement produced by lactic acid accumulation, to bring you a direct hit the depths of the body massage experience.

Fascia gun as a massage relaxation equipment, low noise mute is of course a high requirement, so the fascia gun brushless motor equipped with a new generation of noise reduction technology, the motor use of noise control in the 45 decibel range, like a whisper, so that the body's tiredness pain zero in the silent vibration.At the same time, thanks to the use of Wantoda micro-transmission brushless motor, the motor size, the characteristics of large torque so that the entire fascia gun product weight can be controlled to within 1kg, to achieve the user's one-handed operation, the liberation of the hands massage.

As a hot global product, now the market competition in the fascia gun is increasing, fascia gun manufacturers need to use new materials and new technology to enhance the compounding of product functions. The motor used for the fascia gun motor research and development just adapted to today's massage products in the convenient, differentiated, fashionable premise, in the face of low-grade homogenous competition limitations.In addition, we can provide fascia gun and other masseur motors according to customer demand transmission program design and product customization, and constantly provide research and development hot spots, together for the industry's technological progress to create value.
Benefits of Massage Gun
Percussion therapy, also known a neuromuscular vibration therapy uses rapid pulses of pressure in a concentrated area to treat the myofascial tissue which enhances the flow of blood to different critical areas, allowing for pain relief and subsequently improving function and range of motion. The percussions of the massage gun also provide a gentle stretch which in turn enhances flexibility, performance, and physical response.
How percussion therapy differs from traditional massage is by desensitizing the surrounding area of a sore muscle by shocking the muscle fiber gradually until the target area is penetrated. This way, with the help of a percussion therapy device, we are able to target specific muscle soreness without noticing a lot of the pain that comes with it.
With traditional massage, human hands may not be able to penetrate those hard to reach areas and thus not take care of the root problem. Furthermore, it is sometimes even too painful to bear. With percussion therapy, you don`t experience that pain, only relief.
Neuromuscular vibration therapy differs from traditional massage by desensitizing the surrounding area of a sore muscle through percussions. The soothing of the muscle tissue enables the treatment of the specific muscle soreness with less noticeable pain and discomfort, thus providing relief. Furthermore, traditional massaging with human hands may not be able to penetrate those hard to reach areas of the myofascial tissue thus not addressing the core issue.

As percussion therapy is utilized to aggressively work and treat deep-tissue muscles, it helps to increase blood circulation and oxygen distribution to various parts of your body, especially on the local topical area. This decreases post-workout muscle pain and cramps, which accelerates the body`s ability to heal and recover. Not only is percussion therapy great as a post-workout recovery treatment, it`s also used by world-class athletes as warm up mechanism.

Recent studies have revealed that percussion therapy helps treat muscle fibers up to 30x more effectively compared to regular massaging. Percussion therapy helps to give balance to a target muscle group as well as tone the muscles in that area, whilst relieving tightness and reducing physical stress on the bones and joints. The neuromuscular percussion therapy device helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, improves range of motion and promotes circulation.

Percussion therapy is for anyone and everyone who is physically active. Athletes have tons of stiffness and sore muscles following their workouts that it`s a must to alleviate some of that to be able to maximize training. Even if you aren`t an athlete, percussion therapy helps a lot in the repair and recovery of your muscle fibers, which leaves you feeling a whole lot better.
Or perhaps you just have a sore back from sitting too long in front of your desk at the office. Percussion therapy is amazing and really works wonders.
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