Our Story

N is a young person who has lived in Shenzhen for a long time. Due to the nature of his work, he needs to use the computer and mobile phone every day at work. Heavy workload and irregular work schedules have made him exhausted. However, one day in 2016, after completing urgent work at hand, N wanted to stand up and stretch his lower arms and legs. While he was standing up, a stabbing pain came from the knee-joint of the leg, and the severe pain forced N to reluctantly sit back into the chair in front of the computer. At this moment, N felt terrified, “Could it possible that I have any disease?”At last, N came to the hospital with the help of his colleague and did a comprehensive examination. It turned out that he had a problem called Gout. After staying in the hospital for 2 days, the joint pain has gradually disappeared, and N returned to the company to continue the work at hand. But as time passed by, along with poor daily routine, this disease occurred from time to time and became more and more frequent, which was beyond endurance for N.

3 years have passed by, N still hasn't got rid of this disease. However, N has kept an eye on this disease and during his treatment discovered that an increasing number of young people are suffering from the same kind of disease. Being an observant and conscientious person, while paying attention by himself, N has also kept in touch with his doctor to understand how to prevent the outbreak of such diseases. The doctor's advice is to keep up the proper exercise and improve one’s poor daily routine. Therefore, N has contemplated, “Can I develop some personal care products to help others in need to prevent and reduce the pain? “So, after discussion, N and several friends decided to create the brand Uniaux and to focus on developing massage and personal physiotherapy products.

We have always adhered to the customer-centric product development concept, and according to the traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy the-ory, used current advanced technology to manufacture a series of products such as Fascia Gun, Neck Massager, Electric GuaSha Scraping Massage Tool, at-home rejuvenation Device etc.
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