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Physical Therapy
A massage gun looks a lot like some kind of power tool, but it doesn’t belong on dad`s workbench! Instead, you`re more likely to find it on the sidelines of a sports game, or in the office of a practitioner of sports-related physical therapy. There`s a reason this odd-looking tool has become a favorite of athletes and their doctors: it gets the job done.
If you`re a physical therapist, you might want to look into this unique solution.
The massage gun provides something called ”Percussive muscle therapy, in which the rapid percussive nature of the massage gun increases blood flow to the affected area, relieving muscle pain related to overexertion, and reducing significant healing time by directing blood flow to where it needs to be and helping increase range of motion in stiff or injured muscles.
That means if you have a patient suffering from some sort of injury related to overexertion, or if you`re` a physical therapist, this tool might be one you need in your arsenal. Percussive muscle therapy can be the secret to getting the relief that you can`t find anywhere else.
What`s the secret, you say? The massage gun tricks the nervous system by moving faster than the pain signal that your nerve endings are sending, allowing the affected muscle to relax. That means less pain, faster, so you can get your patients on the mend as soon as possible.
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