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Photorejuvenation Devices

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Photorejuvenation is a popular cosmetic procedure that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) or photodynamic therapy to improve overall skin tone.
Benefits Of Photorejuvenation Include:
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation and skin redness to create a more even complexion
  • Make your skin appear more radiant and youthful
  • Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin
  • Assist in the healing and reduction of acne breakouts
  • Increase blood circulation to the treatment area and reduce any inflammation
During this period of social distancing, why not take the time to look after your skin? There are many factors that go into the health of your skin and by making certain lifestyle changes, you can keep your skin looking and feeling its very best.
Here are the top 5 skin rejuvenation and beauty tips from our Edmonton med-spa for keeping your appearance healthy and glowing during this time:
  1. Don’t smoke: Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your lungs, but did you know it also damages your skin? Smoking depletes your skin of oxygen and nutrients, reduces elasticity, and contributes to the development of wrinkles.
  2. Manage your stress levels. It’s a very difficult time for everyone and during this period of uncertainty, it can be easy to stay stressed and anxious. However, stress can negatively impact the health of your skin and can even cause you to break out into acne. So why not take part in things that lower your stress levels, such as yoga or other forms of exercise?
  3. Follow a healthy diet. Following a healthy diet will improve your overall health and the health of your skin, so make sure to include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein in your meals. In addition to this, cutting down on sugary foods and drinks is highly recommended.
  4. Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is also key to your skin’s health. Water will help clear out any toxins that cause blemishes and also helps transport oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. Ultimately, it prevents dehydration, which can lead to older and duller looking skin.
  5. Clean and moisturize your skin. Cleaning your skin on a regular basis is very important. When you wash your skin, you’ll remove the dirt and bacteria that can lead to breakouts. In addition to this, moisturizing your skin will protect it from drying up and keep it looking supple and healthy.
Ultrasound Cavitation Body Slimming Massager Weight Loss Anti Cellulite Fat Burner Galvanic Infrared Ultrasonic Wave Therapy Sale
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Uniaux USB 150mAh Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Pen Hair Remover Eyebrow Razor/Epilator Painless Multifunction Eye Brow Trimmer Face Shaver Sale
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Micro Electronic Rejuenation Beauty Tool Scraping Massage Sale
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2020 Waist Support Belt Back Waist Trimmer Belt Gym Train Waist Protector Weight Loss Sports Muscle Sliming Belt Modeling Body Neoprene for Sports Sale
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Sports Knee Pads for Men Elastic Nylon Compression Kneecap Protector Steel Plate inside for Running, Fitness, Knee Protection Sale
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Adjustable New Version Posture Corrector Spine Bandage Pain Relief Fiber Correction Belt Adjustable for Men and Women Black Male Black Sale
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2020 Massage comb for scalp, hair brush for women, hair comb, Anti-Knot, professional hair brush, octopus comb, 1 pcs Sale
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Ultrasonic Uniaux Mini Air Humidifier 200ML Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser for Home Car USB Fogger Mist Maker with LED Night Lamp Sale
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600000 Flash Professional Permanent IPL Laser Depilator LCD Laser Hair Removal Photoepilator Women Painless Hair Remover Instrument Sale
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